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Your goal is limit your exposure to rising utility bills and save money…

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Key motivators driving homeowners to solar energy as an alternative source to power their home.
Energy Savings
Lock your electricity costs for 20+ years
Energy independence
Go Green
Home Value Increase
Solar Incentives
Forget Power Outages

More reasons homeowners are choosing Circa Energy as their green power partner. Additionally, Circa is a turnkey solar provider offering the most options to customize your system:
Power choices
Aesthetic varieties
Largest variety of backup options when your power is out
Best financing on the market
Extra services
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About Circa Energy

Circa Energy is a clean power company started by solar people. With over 10 years combined experience, we’re dedicated to making clean affordable energy more accessible to everyone while providing the highest standards in the industry.

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Every home and business is different, let Circa Energy offer clean affordable energy that’s right for you.​