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Solar Power Saves in Maryland

Last fact checked on March 21st, 2024 by Chip Zenke

Maryland is ranked top 10 in the country for going solar! 

The average residential solar system size in Maryland is 11 KW.  The initial cost of that system in Maryland is typically $30,800.00.

If you decide to finance it for zero down to go solar you may finance closer to $39,116.00 based on trending financing fees. That’s not too shabby when you consider the Federal Government will pay qualified buyers 30% times the cost of your system for an ITC tax incentive of $11,734.00 on a financed system or $9,240.00 without financing.  Maryland will also pay $1,000 for any system size under 20KW.  So rake in $12,734 in solar savings right off the top for a financed system at zero down!  Your zero down money out of pocket on a financed system cost could be as low as $26,382 after Federal and state incentives.  And that’s not all, many local counties offer large property tax incentives for going solar; two popular areas, Anne Arundel county offers up to $2,500 and PG County offers up to $5,000.00 for “WOW” savings!!  Even better, Maryland SREC’s have recently been hovering over $56.00 for every 1000 kWh your solar system produces a year.  So an 11 KW will likely produce 13,000 kWh per year giving you a whopping $728 in SREC cash a year based on market rates (5 year advance purchase rates may vary).  It’s a safe bet you will receive $728.00 each year for 5 years for a total of $3,640.00 in payments to you by having solar.  And the SREC’s continue at market rate after year five producing ongoing income.  A  non financed 11 KW solar system in Annapolis, MD would only cost you $14,420.00 after incentives to perhaps wipe out your utility bill for the next 25 years! 

You do the math on how much you will pay the utility company for the next 25 years, but your utility company with increasing rates will surely cost a lot more.  And best of all, you have protected the price of your electricity because it can never increase in rate once you own your solar system and no longer have to pay for your electricity except for the $9,50 typical utility customer service charge to be connected to the grid. 

So it’s time to ask yourself, if the utility company offered you a lower fixed rate for your power would you take it? 

By going solar now you can get that lower utility rate at fixed prices!  Don’t miss out on the savings!! Get your solar system install on now!

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