Home Energy Evaluation

Circa’s Home Energy Evaluation goes hand in hand with solar like a baseball to a glove.  Its the perfect solution to reducing your current energy consumption without having to change your energy habits!


Yes, keep your home heating and cooling at the same temperatures as you did last year, only do it more efficiently so solar has a higher probability of offsetting more of your annual electric use. Circa Energy creates a comprehensive analysis of your home’s energy consumption and then provides a detailed report showing the most cost efficient areas to improve your home’s efficiency.
Blower door test measures air leakage

Circa Energy performs a comprehensive Energy Evaluation that includes:

Pressure testing your ductwork for leaks

An inventory of appliances in your home

Inspection of heating and ac systems

And an assessment of insulation, windows, doors, and attic for leaks

We have the most popular energy monitoring system on the planet. If you love toys, this is an all time favorite.

Imagine leaving your home on vacation and being able to change temperature settings on your thermostat from your smart phone. This feature saves you money and increases efficiency the ultimate control of your home!